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The Las Vegas Qiu Qiu Online Ride

A successful businessman flew to Vegas for the weekend to gamble. He lost the shirt off his back, and had nothing left but a quarter and the second half of his round-trip ticket — If he could just get to the airport he could get himself home. So he went out to the front of the casino where there was a cab waiting. He got in and explained his situation to the cabbie. He promised to send the driver money from home, he offered him his credit card numbers, his drivers license number, his address, etc. but to no avail. The cabbie said (adopt appropriate dialect), “If you don’t have fifteen dollars, get the hell out of my cab!” So the businessman was forced to hitch-hike to the airport and was barely in time to catch his flight.

One year later the businessman, having worked long and hard to regain his financial success, returned to Vegas and this time he won big. Feeling pretty good about himself, he went out to the front of the casino to get a cab ride back to the airport. Well who should he see out there, at the end of a long line of cabs, but his old buddy who had refused to give him a ride when he was down on his luck. The businessman thought for a moment about how he could make the guy pay for his lack of charity, and he hit on a plan.

The businessman got in the first cab in the line, “How much for a ride to the airport,” he asked? “Fifteen bucks,” came the reply. “And how much for you to give me a blow-job on the way?” “What?!!! Get the hell out of my cab.”

The businessman got into the back of each cab in the long line and asked the same questions, with the same result. When he got to his old friend at the back of the line, he got in and asked “How much for a ride to the airport?” The cabbie replied “fifteen bucks.”

The Qiu Qiu Online businessman said “ok” and off they went. Then, as they drove slowly past the long line of cabs the businessman gave a big smile and thumbs up sign to each driver.

A man was quietly reading his paper when his wife sneaks up behind him and whacks him on the head with a frying pan.

“What was that for?” he says. “That was for the piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name Mary Lou written on it”, she replies.

“Two weeks ago when I went to the races, Mary Lou was the name of one of the horses I bet on”, he explains. She looks satisfied, apologizes, and goes off to do work around the house.

Three days later he’s again sitting in his chair reading when she nails him with an even bigger frying pan, knocking him out cold. When he comes to, he says, “

Making Up Is Easy To Do

Dear John,

I have been unable to sleep since I broke off our engagement. Won’t you forgive and forget? Your absence is breaking my heart. I was a fool – nobody can take your place. I love you.

All my love.…


Casino Careers to Be Showcased At American Ligaz11 Gaming Summit. Chosen as One of Top 20 Most Innovative New Gaming Products of 2002

Just 3 years after going live online, Casino Careers Online (http://www.casinocareers.com) will be showcased as one of this year?s Top 20 Most Innovative New Gaming Products by the American Gaming Summit to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 11-12th. These prestigious awards, bestowed by a panel of independent judges, recognize the most innovative new products in the gaming industry.

Casino Careers is the world?s largest Internet-based recruitment web site designed specifically for the gaming-hospitality industry with over 14,000 applicants and more than 150 clients recruiting from the web site. In addition to the strength of its web site and client base, what sets Casino Careers apart is its strong focus on personalized one-on-one customer service both for the candidates who post resumes and the casinos that need quality employees at all levels of the business from dealers to top executives.

With just one click casinos can mass email all candidates they have identified using their individualized selection criteria. In addition, they are automatically notified when a new candidate having their sought-after qualifications posts a resume. Clients can also provide candidates with a direct link to their web site and post press releases publicizing job fairs and expansions.

Candidates have the option to post their resumes in either open access or confidential format, can update their resumes at any time and email clients a link to their online Ligaz11 resume in real time. Hundreds of candidates who have posted resumes on the web site have landed positions in land-based, riverboat, Native American and cruise line gaming companies, as well as technology firms. ?We?ve placed employees at every level ? from CEO to customer service rep, in every department from technology to culinary ? with no search fees,? said Beth Deighan, president of the company.

?We are delighted to be recognized with such a prestigious award,? said Deighan. ?It coincides with the recent redesign of our web site to make navigation easier for our users and provide our clients with applicants and services that other employment web sites do not offer.?

The adage ?what goes around comes around? seems to prevail, since many of the Casino Careers clients who were once candidates now turn to the web site to fulfill their recruitment needs.

Casino Careers Online (www.casinocareers.com) provides the largest online recruitment resources and services to the gaming-hospitality industry. Candidates can apply directly to posted career opportunities through the web site. A description of the gaming companies actively recruiting from Casino Careers is provided on the site with links to each respective client?s web site: http://www.casinocareers.com/clients.cfm…

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Slot Online Poker Tip of the Week

The mathematically correct play is not always the best play.

(Chip Reese)

You must maintain a reputation for honor in the gambling business. Your word must be your bond. It’ll be your Ace-in-the hole.

(Super System)

Montana Words of Wisdom

. . .they have life down to a science, wouldn’t you say?

Crisis management principle:

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier’n puttin the cat back in.

Negotiation principle:

Never drop yer gun to hug a grizzly.

If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there.

If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.

A good horse never comes in a bad color.

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him.

The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

There’s two theories to arguin’ with a woman….

Neither one works.

Don’t worry about bitin’ off more than you can chew. Your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger’n you think.

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Never slap a man who’s chewin’ tobacco.

It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.

Always drink upstream from the herd.

When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or person, don’t be surprised if they learn their Slot Online lesson.

When you’re throwin’ your weight around, be ready to have it thrown around by somebody else.

Always take a good look at what you’re about to eat. It’s not so important to know what it is, but you might need to know what it was…

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

There are three kinds of men:

The one that learns by reading. The few that learn by observation. The rest of them that have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

So you think your good real good I have a game for you 20-40. No problem. No I mean 20000-40000. This was the game played this week in the biggest game in the world. It made me want to go to the box and gamble it up. To bad many of the players you see today will never have the opportunity to play at this level the highest in poker. Today’s tip profiling of players relates to the way the game was played all week. Heads Up. No other opponents as specific as you can get. What do you look for and how do you do it. General demeanor to the specifics. Remember their is no other opponents but the ones left in the pot with you. Poker is an information based game the more you can gather the more it will be worth to you. It will make border line decisions easier and the simple decisions almost automatic. When you are out of the pot you must gather information. That is your job. Now what do you look for? The first thing to notice is how the opponent plays. Is he timid, solid, a maniac, calling station or an aggressive opponent. Next note his bet steps. Does he bet the flop and not the turn when he does not have a made hand. Does he bet the flop the turn and not the river. Or does he just bet all the way. Here’s an example of how this helped me this week. On the button was an opponent who always raised opponents in front of him and eliminated the blinds. He then would bet all the way to river hoping to blow the one opponent out. Well, Hosh was in the blind and let him do it once then the 2nd time. However, the third time Hosh was just going to make him show the hand down. No way he was going to win the pot unless I had absolutely nothing. I say here he goes again as he raises an early position caller. Luckily, Hosh has QT of hearts. The flop comes down K J 3 two spades. I check the original caller checks and he bets on the button. The original caller calls but gives not indication whether or not he has anything. Again on the turn I check and the original caller checks as an off suit 6 hits. The aggressive player on the button bets. I call and the original early caller folds. On the river comes a 5 as I expected he bets I call and show the hand down Q high(remember Q high is not nothing). He turns over and off suit Q9. I win the pot.

Note how he bets with a made hand aggressive or almost timidly. Does it change when he is bluffing. Fast to not give you time to think or slow to suck you into the pot. Or does he hesitate extra long with a huge hand. Take notes for later it will come in handy.

Next note how the opponent plays his position. In last position does he bet when he does not have much or does he check waiting for a big hand. You can use this to bet a made hand not giving a free card or check raising to gain and extra bet.

Now the specifics watch him. Start with his hands, then his arm motion and then how he breathes. Look at his face. Look for giveaways. Can he shuffle his chips when he does not have a hand. Is he breathing fully or shallow as when he bluffs. Does he carry a full real smile or a fake corner of the mouth smile. These are the things to notice try to play them in your mind backwards and forwards, all the way through the hand. Relating what you see on the river to his actions. Remember it is almost impossible for an opponent to hide his true intent. One part is going to give him away and it’s either going to be his breathing, shuffling or his smile or any other thing you notice that has changed from his previous actions. This is profiling.

Now go out and practice in live situations. Maybe if you hope and dream and play well you may get an opportunity to play the biggest game in the world at the highest level of poker. Your name will be spread over the Internet as winning one million or two million in a few hours.…


Sometimes Women Do Have an UFA Advantage

PokerPages has instituted a new discussion forum for women poker players. It looks as it’s going to be a rich source for discussion and a rich source of article topic ideas for me.

One of the first threads was started by PokerVeteran, an internet poker troll. He basically proclaimed that women belong in the bedroom, not the cardroom.

Of course, as you might expect, a number of posters felt the need to tell him how wrong he was. A couple of them were men. Randy made a very polite post pointing out that PokerVeteran never posted anything with any poker content and calling him an a-hole.

My boss, Mark, made a post claiming, among other things, that women don’t have an advantage at the poker table.

It was Marks post that inspired this column. I think he’s wrong. I think women do have an advantage at the poker table. It’s a situational advantage. It’s not an unfair advantage. And, not all women exploit the advantage. But, they do have an advantage.

Our troll, PokerVeteran, and Randy, our gentlemen, are examples of the kinds of opponents that often unwittingly give women an advantage.

Different players will react to situations in different ways.

Mr. Macho

He doesn’t think women belong at the table, and he’s aggressive about it.

Most men who think of poker in terms of a man’s game will think of it as a UFA game of controlled aggression. But, a guy who gets verbally aggressive about not wanting women at the table is a guy who isn’t really strong on the control part. He’s likely to become hyper-aggressive, almost maniacal, when competing against a woman for the pot.

A woman who realizes that can exploit it.

Generally, the Mr. Macho kind of guy will not react well to an initial show of aggression from a woman. She should wait until she gets a good hand, then bet or raise once and sit back and let him start throwing chips at her.

The Gentleman

Many men behave differently around women than they do around men. The Mr. Macho behaves like a macho jerk whether he’s around women or not. It’s just that he tends to be more directed in his behavior and more exaggerated when he’s around women. However, the Gentleman type does behave differently with women. Sometimes very differently.

The Gentleman doesn’t dislike women. On the contrary, he likes them very much and he wants them to like him. It’s the wanting them to like him that’s the source of his weakness.

Much like the male fighters in the new movie Girlfight, the Gentlemen will soft play women players. They’ll be much less likely to bet or raise, and with hands that other’s might raise with they’ll call while saying something like “I can’t fold this hand, I have to call.”

Just Adjust

The advantage that women have is that they are more likely than men to be faced with opponents who purposely play sub-optimally against them. Different men, with different attitudes, will react differently to a woman at the table. Most probably won’t react at all — there really isn’t any rational reason to react. But, some men will react.

Knowing which men will react, and how they will react can pay off for the observant woman. It’s part of knowing what image you have in the eyes of others. Knowing that image, knowing how they will expect you to behave and knowing how they will likely react to you is one of the keys to beating the game — for men or women.…


Drawing ligaz11 Dead: A Poker Cop Mystery

Every hotel has a Pimp. Someone not connected to the hotel who, for cash, can supply its guests with “special services.” The Majestic’s Pimp is named Sonny – a wretched little pervert who specializes in human weakness: Want drugs? Sonny. Want sex? Sonny. Want sex and drugs? Sonny. Want a room, falsely registered, to which all of the above will be delivered? Guess who?

Red Penny and I walk into The Majestic Bar, Sonny’s hang-out, where, in a dark back booth we find Sonny, an effeminate little man, sitting in-between two very young blond girls who are wearing little enough for one. “Christina, Brittany,” Red Penny says to the two under-aged prostitutes, “it’s way past your bedtime. Get up and get out.”

They look to Sonny, who says to them, “Go, my darlings, go.” Sonny’s bodyguard, an ex-con named Luther Mope, who’s specialty is murder for hire, steps in directly in front of us. Sonny waves him away. Red Penny and I take the two seats on either side and slide up close to Sonny. “Talbot! Penelope! Together? What strange bedfellows. Can I rent you two a room?” Sonny giggles. “Just tell Sonny what you want. Anything you’ve ever needed. Everything you’ve ever wanted. I’m your guy.” I lean close to Sonny, “A Saturday night special was used to murder someone in the Poker Room. I think you supplied the gun.”

“Murder? Gun?” Sonny starts to whine, “I don’t know anyth . . . Oomph!” Red Penny has violently shoved her Smith & Wesson into Sonny’s lower belly. Luther emerges from the shadows and moves towards the table. The metallic click tells Sonny Red Penny has pulled the trigger back. Sonny stops Luther. Red Penny whispers, “Sonny, sweetie, Talbot has some questions for you. If you answer them I won’t shoot you.” She gives the gun another vicious shove. Sonny turns back to me, “Tal, what is it exactly that I can do for you and The Warrior Princess?”

“Tell me about the gun.”

Sonny laughs, “Is that all? Tell Annie Oakley to put away her ‘Shootin’ Iron.'” Red Penny’s gun does not move. Sonny shrugs. “Some hitchhiker wants a gun. Looks in the yellow pages under Gunshops. They tell him there’s a 5-day waiting period. He hangs up. Finds some mop squeezer or a luggage hauler who, for a little cash, sends him to me, who, for a lot of cash, sells him an untraceable Saturday Night Special. End of story.”

“Not the end of the story, Sonny. Your hitchhiker with the Saturday Night Special killed one and wounded another before I put him down.”

“Wounded? I heard there were two dead. . . .”

“The other one may live. What do you care?”

“I don’t. Just morbid curiosity.”

“Sonny. Did the hitchhiker say what he wanted with the gun?

“Why? Do you really think I’d ask why? Please. I’m not in the business of asking “Why?”

Red Penny asks, “Did he say anything about his wife?”

“Wife? I don’t know the hitchhiker had a wife. . . . Is she dead too?”

“More morbid curiosity?” I ask.

Sonny says nothing.

Red Penny says, “The wife’s missing. Maybe kidnapped. Maybe kidnapped and murdered. If you know anything about this. . . .”

“My dear,” Sonny says to Red Penny. “I’m in a low-risk, high-return business. Murder? Kidnapping? They’re so-o-o-o-o risky. To-o-o-o-o risky. I sell nice safe dry goods. I leave the wet work to others.” Luther looms nearby.

I nod to Red Penny who puts her gun away. We get up to leave.

Sonny is all smiles again, “So good to see you both. Anything you’ve ever needed. Everything you’ve ever wanted. I’m your guy. Do tell your friends.”

As we leave, Red Penny says to me, “I should have gut-shot him.” I don’t disagree.

We are outside the Majestic Bar. Red Penny’s beeper goes off. “Smash and grab on the Promenade. I have to go. Where will you be?”

“In the Poker Room,” I reply. “Captain Video promised me film.” We go our separate ways.

An hour has passed. I’ve spent it watching and taking notes on the late Scott Hadley’s ability to play Texas Hold’em Poker. Captain Video’s first tape, labeled “Monday Afternoon,” shows friendly, relaxed, Scott Hadley, buying into a $3-$6 Hold’em ligaz11 game a with a rack-of-red. In more than three hours of play he’s seen 110 hands.

He’s folded pre-flop over 50 times.

He’s folded on the flop over 30 times.

He’s folded three times on the Turn.

He’s folded once on the River.

He’s been in twenty-six showdowns.

He’s won twelve pots.

Minus the Blinds, Rake, and Tokes, Scott Hadley had managed to win a couple of hundred dollars. He’s played a solid tight-aggressive, no-nonsense hold’em game.

The second tape, labeled “Saturday Night,” shows an angry, surly Scott Hadley buying into the $500-$1000 Midnight Hold’em Game with five racks of purple. In half an hour of non-play, he sits like a zombie, stares, check his watch, pays the blinds, does not look at his cards, does not pay attention to the game. The first hand he enters is the last hand he plays. I don’t get it. I watch again. I still don’t get it. I am watching for the third time when Red Penny returns.

“I called the hospital. The Good Samaritan, Mr. Patrick, is out of surgery. It was touch and go. They think he’ll make it.”

“That’s the only good news for the night,” I tell her. “I’ve got nothing.” Red Penny sits down. “Talbot, tell me all the facts, only what you know to be true, about Scott. I’ll do the same for Audrey.”

“I look down at my notes, labeled Monday through Saturday, and begin: “I know for a fact that Scott had money.”

“Right. The job, the house, the car, the suite.”

“I know for a fact Scott’s Texas Hold’em comfort level was no higher than $3-$6.” I tell Red Penny I watched him wait more than twenty minutes on Monday to get a seat in the $3-$6 Hold’em table when seats at higher stakes tables were available.

“I know for a fact Scott was not a ‘gambler’ but a tight, careful, winning low-limit Texas Hold’em player.” I show Red Penny my pages and pages of notes from watching Scott play.

“I know for a fact that between early Wednesday and late Friday Scott raised a large amount of cash, $250,000. I know this from the telephone records and the Casino Cage receipts.

“I know that on Friday Scott bought a untraceable Saturday Night Special.” Red Penny rolls her eyes at the thought of Sonny.

“Finally, on Saturday night, an angry Scott buys into a $500-$1000 Limit Hold’em Game, in which he plays only one hand, betting all the money in front of him, almost $250,000. He holds the nuts but then surrenders his winning hand, giving the pot to a total stranger before, for reasons unknown, yelling “Give me back my money!” and murdering that stranger and sending another stranger to the hospital. Before I . . .” I do not say, “kill him.”

Red Penny, silent throughout my review of Scott, begins her own review of Audrey. “We only know two things for sure about Audrey. She was alive and well on Tuesday “”The slot farm and poker room surveillance tapes.”

“And she went missing Tuesday. . . . “

“The missing birth control pills for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.”

“. . . between 5:25 and 6:10 p.m.”

“The poker room and elevator lobby surveillance tapes.”

“Right. That’s the end of the facts. We put all the facts together, we come up with the following scenario.

“Audrey was kidnapped on Tuesday.”

“And it takes Scott three days, Wednesday through Friday, to raise the ransom. He turns traceable cash into untraceable checks and goes to the poker room on Saturday for the drop-off.

“Scott buys the gun as insurance that the kidnapper will return Audrey unharmed. The problem with all this is. . . .”

“While waiting for the kidnapper to show up he buys into a game he doesn’t belong in and kills a highly respected, elderly man who could not possibly be involved in the kidnapping.”

“Then why,” Red Penny asks, “did Scott enter the game and kill him?”

“The murder is a dead end. But we have two crimes, murder and kidnapping. If we solve one we can solve the other. Penelope, we need to answer this question: Who kidnapped Audrey?”

Read more: http://www.pokerpages.com/articles/archives/arabella05.htm#ixzz1rmCeXW5D


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Best of Online Gambling 2021

We’ve sorted through the highlights and lowlights of the year in online gambling and present to you our picks and pans, including our selections for Best Casino, Best Software and Internet Gambling Man of the Year. So grab yourself a festive beverage and let’s take a look back at this year in online gambling.

Most Bizarre Casino Game

Chernobyl-themed Atom slot machine at Russia’s Casino2000.ru. Line up the three nuclear radiation symbols to win the jackpot!

Biggest Jackpot

$171,893 slot machine win at King Solomons on June 17.

Biggest Jackpot That Wasn’t

$60,000 never awarded to WebTV player whose screen showed that she won the jackpot at Slotland only to be informed by the casino manager that it was a WebTV error and she didn’t “really” win the jackpot. Player settles for $3000 booby prize.

Most Overrated Technological Development

WAP technology lets you play real-money casino games on your cell phone. Almost as much fun as programming a VCR.

Best New Casino

Pyramid Casino. Excellent bonuses, good customer support, innovative ideas. Runners up: William Hill Casino and California Casino.

Best Casino

Tough call guaranteed to draw flak no matter who we choose, but we’ll narrow it down to five we really like. All of these casinos use quality software, always pay their winners and never draw serious complaints: Casino On Net (advertiser), Sands of the Caribbean, Lasseters, USA Casino (advertiser), Global Player.

Best No-Download Casino

None really stand out. So bite the bullet and do the download already!

Best WebTV-Compatible Casino

WebTV casino games universally suck. If you want to gamble online you better get a PC.

Best Casino for Low Rollers

Lasseters. Penny slots, penny roulette and other cheap games.

Best Celebrity Casino

Larry Holmes’ Bet With the Champ wins by default since Kenny Rogers Casino, Rodney’s Place (Rodney Dangerfield) and Evel Knievel Daredevil Casino are no longer operating.

Worst Celebrity Casino

Pamela Anderson Casino. It isn’t the real Pamela.

Stupidest Decision by Elected Officials

Australian Senate enacts retroactive moratorium on Internet game online destroying Australia’s world-leading online gambling industry, forfeiting a potentially enormous revenue stream, and making themselves look like a bunch of narrow-minded kangaroo-eaters.

Best Lack of Action by Elected Officials

Bill to prohibit Internet gambling in the US fails to pass. It’s becoming increasingly unlikely it ever will.

Most Exciting Development in Online Gambling

Major Las Vegas casinos Harrahs and MGM begin offering play for fun games, gearing up for the day when they accept real money wagers online, which could be soon.

Best Bonus Offer

$50 “win or your money back” promo available at various times throughout the year at First Web Casino, Wild Jack, Winning Worlds and elsewhere. Runner up: $25 free, no deposit required at Gaming Club (now reduced to ten bucks free).

Lousiest Bonus Offer

Nextel cell phone giveaway at NasaSports, PlayersBet and other casinos/sportsbooks. This turkey’s only redeemable in Las Vegas. Guess you’re expected to move to Las Vegas to get your free phone.

Most Inauspicious Casino Debut

The Red Line. Looked hot, shame the games didn’t work.

Biggest Fraud

Jack Banks and Larry Weltmen, top executives at Galaxiworld online casino, convicted of defrauding a British bank of US$32 million.

Best New Software

Innoco’s Flash games previewed at the World Gaming Expo. Honorable mention to Diamond Games for their really-fast-loading Java games.

Best Software

A toss up between CryptoLogic Version 4 (InterCasino, William Hill Casino, etc.) and Boss Media Version 2 (USA Casino, Metro Casino, etc.).

Best Graphics

Boss Media software takes it hands down. Check out USA Casino or California Casino if you don’t believe us.

Best Customer Service Policy

VegasUSA will courier your winnings to you free of charge in 1 to 3 business days if you’re in North, Central or South America.

Worst Customer Service Policy

Boss Media casinos will only pay a maximum of five grand of your winnings per month. Not good.…


GOP Wants No Net Bets

WASHINGTON — House Republicans, bowing to pressure from conservative groups, agreed to propose a ban on nearly all forms of Internet gambling.

The draconian proposal, scheduled for a floor vote next week, is the result of closed-door negotiations between GOP leaders and special interest groups that claim an earlier version of the bill does not go far enough.

“It’s about time Congress acts to curb this dangerous and rapidly expanding activity. Online gambling is much more destructive and addictive than other forms of gambling; it provides high-speed instant gratification together with the anonymity of the home,” said Janet Parshall, spokeswoman for the Family Research Council in Washington.

“When finally approved, this will be a victory for American families and traditional values,” said Billy Tauzin, chairman of a House Commerce Telecommunications Subcommittee. Tauzin credited the bill’s sponsor, Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia), for handling the negotiations.

The measure says “it shall be unlawful for a person engaged in a gambling business knowingly to use the Internet or any other interactive computer service to place, receive, or otherwise make a 789bet bet or wager; or to send, receive, or invite information assisting in the placing of a bet or wager.” Anyone who violates the law would be subject to fines and up to four years in federal prison.

Gone from the new version is an exemption that would have permitted some forms of horse race, dog race, or jai alai betting.

But not all nations are as conservative as the U.S. about gambling, and some Caribbean countries happily welcome and regulate “offshore” Internet casinos.

The bill tries to anticipate the offshore enforcement problem by saying that law enforcement agencies may obtain an order telling an Internet service provider to take “reasonable steps specified in the order to block access, to a specific, identified, foreign online location.”

Internet service providers also would be required to provide filtering software and “expeditiously” pull the plug on suspicious websites once contacted by state or federal police. No court order would be required, and the ISPs would need to cooperate to be immune from prosecutions.

Another anti-gambling bill, approved last month by the House Banking Committee, takes a different approach. It tries to bar businesses from knowingly processing credit cards, accepting checks, or conducting any transaction related to Internet gambling.

Critics have said Republicans are hypocritical for claiming to believe in a hands-off approach to the Internet while simultaneously backing strict controls.

“If government takes on the role of deciding which online activities individuals should engage in, it is substituting its moral compass for that of the individual and that would deliver two blows against liberty,” said Sonia Arrison, director of technology policy at the free-market Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco.

“If government substitutes strict regulations for individual choices, it would discourage individual responsibility,” Arrison said. “For instance, in California, a law has been proposed to place credit card companies on notice that gambling debts incurred on the Internet are not enforceable. But if people can’t be held responsible for their actions, what incentive will they have to make responsible choices?”

Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) has introduced related legislation called the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. After initially opposing it, the horse racing industry came around to cautiously support it because the bill would clarify some of the uncertainties surrounding their business.

Since the Senate has already passed Kyl’s bill, both chambers would have to reach a compromise proposal and then approve it for the law to take effect.…

Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

SuperSlots All-slots Casino Goes Live with Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

EH New Ventures Inc. (EHNV) has just relaunched the newly-acquired SuperSlots web site as part of its online casino family, which includes English Harbour, Caribbean Gold, and Silver Dollar.

The site features – as the name suggests – nothing but slots games that are sure to appeal to die-hard fans and new players alike. Game action is smooth and graphics are impressive, and the selection is hard to beat.

There are 25 new games to choose from at SuperSlots, including five progressive games, three- and five reel slots, and the Triple Slots game, which allows players to view and play up to three, three reel slot games at the same time.

Totals for the SuperSlots progressive jackpots are about to break through the $200,000 mark right now, so they’re well worth checking out.

In addition to the great games, there are several promotions available these days. The first is a chance for players to win their own real Vegas-style slot machine.

The second is a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, home of more Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya machines than anywhere else on the planet. The winner will receive two roundtrip tickets, three nights accommodation, and $2,000 to spend in the casinos.

More importantly, there’s a 100% deposit bonus. Deposit $50 or more and receive $50 to spend at SuperSlots. That’s in addition to the weekly cash casino giveaways, the bonus chip surveys, and special double- and triple reward opportunities.

And if those aren’t enough reasons to play SuperSlots, download and installation of the casino is easy and customer support is available 24/7.

SuperSlots accepts FirePay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and ClearChex, and is licensed by the government of Antigua.

Bonuses and a Whole Lot More

Hot Weekend Picks

Aces High has $15 for new players when they sign up, no purchase required. Players will also get another $35 when they deposit $50. There’s also a $5 PayPal bonus and a 10% ACH bonus on purchases over $100, as well as the $5,000 monthly draw.

Aces High is part of the Jackpot Madness network of progressive jackpot casinos, which includes games like Cash Splash and WowPot. The Treasure Nile jackpot is at $40,000 this week after a recent $156,000 win, but it’s growing fast.

Aces High accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, FirePay, and ACH. Payouts are reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the casino is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


The name may be Blackjack.com, but there’s a lot more going on at this site than just Blackjack. You’ll find all your favorite casino games here, including Video Poker, progressive slots, roulette, in addition to a top-notch sportsbook.

Blackjack.com offers all the great Jackpot Mania’s progressive jackpot games like the Triple Olive slots and Rags to Riches. The Rags to Riches jackpot is rapidly approaching a whopping $145,000, so be sure to check it out.

Players will also enjoy the Break the Bank game with its $100,000 jackpot, the $5,000 monthly giveaway, and the chance to cash in their comps points for free Blackjack.com apparel. Last but not least, there’s a $25 deposit bonus on players’ first deposits of $50 or more every month. Blackjack.com uses the Ecash payment system.

Omni Casino

Omni Casino and Sportsbook is offering players $20 free on their first deposit, and another $50 free every month on top of that. There are 28 games to choose from at the casino, including a great selection of multi-player and single player games.

Omni offers a number of special perks for players. There are free travel vouchers, flights, and VIP holidays as part of the comps program, as well as a special high rollers comps program for players who like to bet more and win more.

Players are eligible to win up to $26,400 every year with Omni’s weekly cash giveaway. Every player can win up to $300 in Ecash each week and $1,000 in the monthly random draw. On top of that, the Jackpot Mania The Spice Island progressive poker jackpot at Omni is over $102,000 right now.

Omni Casino uses the Ecash online payment solution to process all deposits, and accepts Visa, MasterCard, FirePay, PayPal, Western Union, Neteller, bank wires, and checks. There’s even a 10% deposit bonus for Western Union, bank wires, and checks.…

Judi Slot

ValueClick Media Expands Judi Slot Player Base

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA — According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), online gaming will grow nearly 50 percent each year with U.S. revenue climbing from $210 million last year to $1.8 billion in 2005. Jupiter Media Metrix has reported a similar growth forecast with U.S. revenue climbing to $2.55 billion by 2006.

To keep pace with the growth of online gaming clients, ValueClick, Inc.’s (Nasdaq:VCLK – News) media division, ValueClick Media, continually designs unique media and optimization strategies to scale their player base. One optimization technology ValueClick Media offers, enables reporting on conversion data based on the highest quality visitor. ValueClick Media’s ability to label the origin website associated with visitors that become customers, allows campaigns to be optimized by the advertiser’s performance metrics.

Online casinos and sports betting sites can finely target their gaming messages to the appropriate users (based on desired demographics and behavior patterns of “online gamers”) utilizing ValueClick Media’s mass global reach spanning 30,000 unique websites — 9 out of 10 households in major global Internet markets. (April 2002 netScore Internet Traffic Measurement.)

“We have been providing customer acquisition solutions for many of the top online gaming and sports betting advertisers over the last three years and have successfully built long lasting relationships based on the superior results we deliver,” stated Michael Laur, Vice President of Western Sales for ValueClick Media.

Classic Internet Gambling Quotes

“Americans now waste $4 billion a year on this pernicious form of gambling.” – New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

“If American citizens or legal residents want to gamble, let them. Why do you care?” – Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank (left)

“The feeling I had when winning that huge jackpot is indescribable. I was stunned! I couldn’t sleep for a few days. I was way too excited. This only happens once in a lifetime.” – Lasse Skov-Skov, a car dealership supervisor from Norway who won $357,089.04 at jackpotcity.com

“Virtual casinos are the hard-core crack cocaine of gambling.” – Dr. Howard Schaeffer, Harvard Center for Addictive Studies

“For addicts, net gambling is the great rock-candy mountain. It’s like an alcoholic being given a bathroom in which the taps run with iced vodka.” – The Guardian Unlimited

“Am I addicted to [Web gambling]? No. If I don’t have the recreational funds to gamble I don’t do it. Period.” – ‘Double Diamond,’ a 48-year-old financial analyst from Dallas, Texas who gambles online

“People are betting billions of dollars online and they’ve no idea who they’re giving their money to. They could be betting with the Mafia, for all they know.” – Damian Aspinall of Aspinalls.com

“I’m quite confident that all of the major software companies (like Microgaming, Boss Media, CryptoLogic, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, World Gaming, IQ-Ludorum), are playing fairly.” – Gambling consultant Michael Shackleford aka The Wizard of Odds

“Although blatant ripoffs can never be ruled out, there have been surprisingly few.” – Bill Haywood, author BeatWebCasinos.com

“There is a clean nexus, a connection, between Internet Judi Slot gambling and money laundering of terrorism activities.” – Rep. Marge Roukema (R-New Jersey)

“The idea is ridiculous. Even the FBI and CIA have said there is no evidence that Islamic terrorists have ever had any connection with online gambling.” – Professor I. Nelson Rose, a leading authority on gambling law

“Too many people who disapprove of gambling want to ban it. It’s not generally been the policy of the U.S. government to tell people how to spend their money.” – Rep. Barney Frank…

Keluaran Hk

Court halts wind-up of free zone Keluaran Hkgaming firm

HIGH COURT judge Marjorie Cole-Smith has issued an injunction halting, at least until September 9, the move by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) to shut down a Montego Bay Free Zone company which it accused of illegally taking bets via the Internet and international toll-free telephone calls.

The BGLC had also ruled that Spiros George Athanas, one of the owners of Olympic Sports Data Services Limited, was not a “fit and proper person” to run a gaming operation.

But last Thursday, on the eve of the expiry of the BGLC’s three-month winding-up window, Justice Cole-Smith granted the 28-day ex-parte injunction to Olympic Sports, which the gaming authorities have vowed to contest.

“The Commission was issued with a copy to the order late Thursday (and) it was brought to my attention last Friday,” BGLC’s chairman, Walter Scott, said yesterday. “I will say this much. The Solicitor-General will be contacted to vigorously defend the motion on behalf of the commission.” Scott declined to comment further.

Jamaica last year began to focus on the company when the British Keluaran Hkgaming board accused the company of illegal bookmaking.

In May, the BGLC, which regulates the Jamaican gaming industry, ordered, after months of investigation and wrangling between both sides, that Olympic Sports wind up its operations, insisting that its bet-taking business breached Jamaican laws.

The company was initially granted a licence to operate a telemarketing business from the free zone, but branched out into gambling, taking bets from around the world, including Jamaica. Winnings had to be sent abroad.

English Sports’ servers are located abroad and this, plus the fact that it operated on the free zone, at first took issues about the jurisdiction of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission.

The company subsequently argued that it possessed a licence to conduct its gaming operation, eventually producing a letter from former junior finance minister, Errol Ennis, suggesting that it may not have needed a BGLC licence.

It, however, applied for the licence, which the gaming authority refused.

English Sports’ situation was further complicated by accusations from at least one foreign government, that it was involved in money laundering, leading Jamaican financial investigators to raid the company in April and seize records and other documents.

When the company’s business was disrupted in May, about 200 persons lost their jobs.…